Saturday, February 10, 2007


This is part of a re-post from August 2006.

Saturday I'm getting micro-braids. I will be a walking, talking example of "never say never", 'cause I sure said I would never get those things again! I was ok with the amount of time it took (back in the day it was 22 hours; hopefully this time will be closer to 8). It was the removal of said braids that made me want to shoot myself. Why is it that when you need help taking your micros down, nobody wants to step up? Well, the only reason I agreed to do this again is because my regular beautician agreed to take them down for me, as well as maintain them for as long as I keep them in. Ok, well there's more reasons than that I guess. I don't do well with new growth. I dig & scratch at it. Since I'm trying to transform myself and there won't be any chemical altering of my natural coils, I'm gonna need to wrap those coils in some $40-a-bag, 20 inch, Yaki Perm, human, made in China hair.


It's six months later & I have to say that the braids had their pros and cons. The obvious benefit was that I didn't have to try to maintain any kind of hairstyle during my transition. Of course I let my hair breathe for at least a week between braids, so I was wearing it pressed (and significantly shorter, as the relaxed hair was being cut down). Unfortunately, the last time I got the micros, they were ridiculously tight around the edges and I lost a lot of hair. I mean braids coming out of my head with ALL MY HAIR, bulb and all. But I can't could have been worse. I just know that I won't allow anyone to braid my hair at the temple or the nape of my neck anymore. I will be rocking much "baby hair" from now on.

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