Thursday, February 15, 2007

soft & beautiful

I have updated my routine just a smidge, based on the things I've learned recently (like the 1st gel I bought sucks and it's getting harder to smash my hair down into it's work-ready position).

Today's Routine:

1. On the eve of the snow day, I made Aldrea's Leave-In Conditioner.
2. Slept in it, spritzed a little water on yesterday, slept on it again.
3. Rinsed it a bit in the shower this morning.
4. Combed my hair in the shower, instead of at the sink when I got out.
5. Rubbed a dime-sized dollop of Coconut Oil into my hair.
6. Smoothed on some of my new "gel", Giovanni Sunset Styling Lotion.
7. Gently brushed.
8. Wrapped in satin scarf.

Today's Result:

Certainly not the best picture in the world, but there it is. Turns out, you can't communicate texture & softness through a photograph - who knew!

But seriously, I don't think it's been this soft (after using the old gel) since I chopped it. So far, I'm very pleased with the new gel. Although, the consistency is more like thick setting lotion than gel.

I think I'll use some Shea Butter with the Coconut Oil. I also took a break from the Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Essential Oil concoction this morning. The Leave In Conditioner made it so soft & moist I thought I'd see what would happen if I skipped a day "greasing" my scalp. The Shea Butter made it super sheen-y (which is different from shiny....obviously) last week. Why did I stop using it?

Let's see if the new routine & the new products keep me soft & beautiful all day...

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