Sunday, February 11, 2007

such a pretty mess

After wearing the micros for 6 months, I decided that I was ready to see what my hair looked like. I even took it out myself (with the help of a kind, unsuspecting girlfriend). Everybody kept asking, "What are you gonna do with it?". I had no idea. I just knew I was ready to touch it and play in it and start using some of the new techniques & products I had been researching for so long.

Braids came out in a couple hours on Super Bowl Sunday. No problem. I came home and washed my hair. No problem. Once I stepped out of the shower, it took a minute, but I remembered how I used to handle my hair when it was wet...part it off into four sections and braid it. Problem.

And this should have been my first clue. Braiding that half natural, half relaxed hair was IMPOSSIBLE. As of Sunday, I had about 3 or 4 inches (if straightened) of new growth and about 3 to 4 inches of relaxed hair. Much to my surprise, I wasn't "mad" at the new hair. I was annoyed that that old, dead chemically altered hair was in my way, blocking my view of my "real" hair. But I put it in ponytails, instead of trying to braid it and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning ready to play. I was certain that I was going to spend my day off from work creating these beautifully elaborate & neat flat twists. Didn't work out that way. No, not so much. By noon, I was on the phone/text/email/myspace with my been-there-done-that-here-when-you-need-support-or-a-reminder-of-why-you're-doing-this team. By 1pm, I had consumed a glass of wine. (It was cocktail hour somewhere!) All I could think was, somebody needs to twist my hair until I can figure out what the hell I'm gonna do...or somebody needs to just cut out this relaxer and let me get started already. And this somebody needs to hop to it 'cause I gotta go to work tomorrow & can't go up in there looking like a confused pickaninny.

Thanks to the hard work, dedication and perserverance of the aforementioned team, I ended up at probably the only house of beauty on the planet that's open on a Monday.

"Just ask for Ola. She'll take care of you."

I was comfortable immediately. Her energy was perfect and I knew that I was in good hands. She was very excited for me & couldn't wait to play in my head. When I left 2 hours later, I got in my car & turned my camera phone on myself and....

I left there with 2 kinds of gel and some conditioner (so far, I'd only recommend the conditioner - Mizani, Moisturfuse)

Let the games begin!

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