Wednesday, September 12, 2007

catch up

Did you miss me?

Child, child, honey child....I have been a busy little bee these last 5 weeks or so. I have a few pics, and a few things to say. Hopefully I'll get back onto a more regular schedule soon, so y'all don't forget I'm over here!


So, I had a week in Jamaica. Before I went, I co-washed, deep conditioned & detangled and in the hours after all that, I got to playing around. Ended up with a modified mohawk.

Anyway, extreme laziness (and business, honestly) set in and I didn't have a chance to start my vacation twists until late the night before departure. Two & a half hours in...

...four hours in...

I was delighted to discover that instead of 8, these twists only took me 5 hours! So I'm getting better at this, thank goodness. I also discovered that you can't take gel on the airplane. Technically I knew that, but the thought didn't cross my mind until we were about to get in the take your shoes off & get groped line. Obviously they threw it away, all while politely turning down my pleading request to "just let me put some in my hands".

I ended up doing the front (my softest part! the part that needs the gel the most!! [groan]) with some honey that I acquired from the Starbucks at the Charlotte airport. I mixed a tiny amount of honey with some water and made a makeshift gel. It was a little bit stuck to my bandana after a few hours but that didn't last. Lucky for me the twists DID last and looked great! They held up well through all kinds of swimming and other random water play (it was a few days prior to the hurricane, so there was lots of rain) and because I was in chlorine and salt water, I did 3 baking soda rinses without the protection of a stocking cap. And I did the Sea Breeze thing on my scalp a few times too.

The twists held on for 4 weeks.

Last Jamaica comment.....I thought it was very nice that the "Children Crossing" sign clearly shows people of color.


As always, the twist out was super cute!


A week later & it's time to wash my hair. I used 2 new products....Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and None of Your Frizziness for my co-wash and was happy with the results. I used so much, I actually got a pretty good lather going! I needed it - my hair was a mess after 5 weeks of no combing or detangling and only cleansing the hair/scalp a few times. Surprisingly though, the detangling process was very simple and quick. I mean don't get me wrong, in 5 weeks I had shed enough hair to cover several small children....but the comb through was not problematic. My only issue is my perpetually clogged shower drain.

And boy is it growing!!!!!



Tam said...

Hey girl, great pics from Jamaica. I told you how I was wearing my hair for interviews. I press it flat iron it and then hot curl it. This is way too much for my virgin hair. I only do this for interviews, which lately there have been many.

However, over the past few weeks I have been wearing my hair in the twists. I twist it once a week with the Organinc gel (the one I said I did not like) well, perhaps it does have a good usage after all because it holds my hair great. Then I spritz everyday, whether it needs it or not with Taaliah Waajid hair moisterizer.

I have been wearing my hair in its natural form and I love it. It doesn't take me long to get up in the morning and do it. And best of all I can excercise without fear of reprisal from the frizzy hair gods.

I can't wait to twist it again. I will probably do it again after this week. Oh, yeah and my hair now touches my shoulders.

Piscean Princess said...

wow, it's to your shoulders?? in the twists or pressed out?

glad you're getting some play in the interview department - something will come along soon.

where are you getting these Taaliah Waajid products?

Tam said...

My hair is to my shoulders either way. I can't believe it is as long as it is.

I like to keep my hair in twists because it does keep it healthier. I have noticed I have two breakage points, more than likely from blow drying and flat ironing. I try to use heat very infrequently.

You get Taliah Waajid products from Star Beauty.

I use Protective Mist Bodifier. Not to greasy or strong overwhelming smell.

Here is a link to her website. Great stuff.

Piscean Princess said...

I'll be glad when I have shoulder length hair again!! That's fantastic, I'll have to come to your blog & check you out.

I'm gonna try to hold off on doing my twists for a week or so. Most importantly, I need to get my ends trimmed. (Do you know anyone who can trim them without straightening my hair??) Also, I do want to experience my hair in this stage. I seem to have a good thing going on these last few days as far as moisture, curl pattern, style, etc. (I'll post on that soon.)

And of course, I am constantly talking myself out of being a product junkie! Which means I can't be going to no Star's too dangerous. Just in the short time since my hair's been cut, I have plenty of product that needs to be used or revisited or mixed or whatever.