Tuesday, May 15, 2007



Well, the one I made turned out to be pretty underwhelming. I can't think of anything particularly bad to say about it & I can't think of anything specifically good to say about it. I can surely say that it will not be replacing the Aldrea/MotownGirl hybrid that is working so well.

Speaking of the hybrid, it's working. I know I should just leave well enough alone & just use both, but that just seems like quitting or giving up, ya know? If I merge those 2 things then the L-ICs won, and we can't have that!

So, I haven't done any new mixing. I'm trying to determine a few key things before I try a new formula.

- how to get the thicker MotownGirl L-IC to not give me "whitehead"
- how to reduce the glycerin so that it doesn't make puddles on my neck, but still makes my coils pop
- what (if anything) is the Aloe Vera Gel doing for me? (I read on Nappturality.com today that AVG is a humectant, like glycerin. I definitely need a second opinion, but it's a start. Also, a lot of people use it instead of using commercial hair gels - I guess it has some hold properties to it.)


I don't know if I've mentioned it here before, but when it's humid (which happens almost daily where I live) all glycerin concoctions drip down my face/neck/chin like crazy. People use curl activator because it has glycerin in it....remember how gross & drippy those things were. (Don't front like you didn't have one. I know I did, and I was a hot mess just like everybody else!)

I have absolutely had it with trying to establish work-arounds for the grossness. Some days, I can get it under control by 10:30, 11:00 in the morning and then as soon as I step out the door for lunch I'm wiping my face for the next several hours. I leave the house with a trouser sock around my temples and a bandanna around my neck, to try to minimize the wiping that I have to do in the car on the way to work. It's unreasonable.

Here is a photo that might show some of what I'm dealing with...this is what is happening about 15 minutes after I step out of the shower (notice the unnatural sheen on the neck):


The good news is, I bought a digital camera (woo hoo!!). The bad news is, I didn't buy a memory card.

So I've taken a few pictures - you know how it is when you get a new toy. And I think you can FINALLY see that back part of my head, that I have lovingly named "the-somebody-got-raped-by-the-massa" part 'cause it's so straight. Check it out...

(click on the above picture for more definitive proof that the massa liked dark meat)

So you can kinda see it, right? From this angle, this size, it just looks curly & thin. Trust, when you are up on it, especially when it's wet, it looks crazy compared to the rest of my hair. If you click on these 2 pictures (above) you can see the texture REALLY, REALLY well.

Even though I don't have the ability to take more than a few pictures at a time, you will finally have a chance to see some photos that look different from the last one's for a change! I'm even taking a special night-time shower just so I can take some special pics for your viewing pleasure.

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SoBe said...

I am so elated with the new camera. I can see your hair texture and curls so much better. Pic on girl!