Thursday, May 17, 2007

back to what works

I had to do a thing on public access television this evening, so in my hasty attempt at preparation this morning, I decided to go back to using only Aldrea's L-IC. I remembered how much I liked my hair when that's all I was doing, and I'm not really sure why I switched up and started using MotownGirl's thicker one.

So I went bananas with it. That stuff was all over the place, damn near used the entire 8 oz. spray bottle.

But once I put on my morning drip uniform...

...I was all good. There was crazy shrinkage...

...but the coils were back in full effect!

(CLICK the picture above to get up close & personal with the coils and see the texture!) (This camera is amazing.)

And I can see some growth (finally).

Oh, and did I mention that my camera is AWESOME??!!

If you wanna see the fa real, up close & serious version of anyof these pictures, just click on them. You'll be seeing more of my hair than you ever dreamed of (and probably way more than you were really interested in).

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