Saturday, June 30, 2007

for the long haul

I said I was going to try to keep them in a little longer this time, and so far it has been a success. (Mostly because I haven't particularly felt like taking them out.)

I did go back a re-twist many of the top/front twists using the ORS Loc & Twist Gel. That section of my hair is so puffy, I felt that the twists needed a little more definition. Plus, it helped them not be quite as frizzy right off the bat.

The other thing I did was cleanse my scalp just about every day with Sea Breeze Sensitive Skin astringent. I feel that worked very well - my hair & scalp never felt or smelled dirty, which is quite a feat since I've been working out four times a week, sweating like a pig.

The only product I put on my hair was my Coconut Oil/Water combo, that I spritzed on approximately every 2 or 3 days. My mixture this time was pretty heavy on the oil, so I haven't needed much - it makes my hair moist enough. I have occasionally sprayed some water on the twists and once or twice I have sprayed on my Glycerin/Water combo. But I've tried not to use anything other than water & the coconut oil so that my hair & scalp are not so gunky. I really think that has been a success.

As of today it has been 14 days. I am on the fence about whether I'm going to take them down this weekend or let it ride. What do you think?


I re-twisted those sticking up ones in the front. They just would not sit down, no matter what I did to them. I think that because I was rushing the last few rows in the front, I probably wasn't as consistent with the direction that I was forcing the hair...hence the "at attention" direction of those few...


You can see that they quickly started filling out as the days went on. Those "spaces" on the sides don't look so thin.


- Cute earrings.

Well, thank you! Target...$7

- Do you ever have on a shirt?

[thoughtful pause] I guess not.


- Seriously, do you even wear a shirt to work?

[another thoughtful pause] I think so.

DAY 14 (also known as today)

does my pajama top count as a shirt?

Shirt vs. no-shirt discussion aside, I think the twists are holding up pretty damn well at the 2 week point!! Stay tuned...


corenelavhan said...

i think that you can strecth them a little longer. the thing is...the longer you keep them, the more creative you have to get. play with them, dont be afraid of the naps!!!! let the twist be wild and free!!!

Aseelah said...

Princess you did a GREAT job holding on to and maintaining these. As we speak, I am about to get a long awaited trim...girl I shampooed my hair the other day and had so many knots it was ridiculous. Anywho...keep it up and stay growing!

Damali said...

dag you work out 4 times a week?!?!?! *sigh*. i'm so lazy it's ridiculous. i constantly find excuses not to work. i really need to conquer this. you rock, girl

Piscean Princess said...

i didn't work out 4 times this week! don't get it twisted....this is not what i normally do. i just am on a mission right now (except this week) trying, once again, to NOT be the fat girl in the 2-piece when i go on vacation in August. I already had to go up a size this year. They don't make bikinis in sizes larger than the one I have currently, so I need to check myself before i am firmly in the land of 1-piece, or skirt-at-the-bottom. Plus, the pants I bought the same day I bought the bikini (in March or April) felt like they were going to slice me in half 5 weeks ago (in May).

So, I have undertaken this 4-week (now extended to 5 weeks) mission to lose my enormous gut. After it's gone, I'm sure i'll go back to being my usual fat & lazy self....only to look down at my giant body one day, wondering how it got that way.

Damali said...

well i applaud you anyway. i weigh more right now than i ever have in my life but the good news is, i've changed my eating habits tremendously and held my weight steady for the last 6 months. i haven't gained weight but sadly, i haven't lost any either. i do know that once i really start exercising, the pounds will leave.

Piscean Princess said...

changed eating habits is super! that's something you're doing that I am definitely not...i kinda sorta cut down on the bread & pasta & stuff for about a week, but i've never been good at sacrifice and food is my favorite thing in the whole wide world,'s just gonna have to happen from the exercise.

@ aseela - we'll have to get together soon so I can see your new, trimmed hair. i have been obsessing about your adorable little afro puffs - i can't wait until i can have some. stupid thing is, it's gonna be winter time by the time i can do that style :-(

@ corene - as you can see, i released the napps to the wild.