Sunday, June 17, 2007

& stuff

since we last spoke, I have had a few more days of headband-mania

which made the front straighter than usual, so you can see the length a little better than before

and I started using a hair growth serum (details in a few weeks) to try to stimulate some growth on those temples
[note to self - no more micros - ever]

and I finally found time to do my twists...

but that gets it's own post



Brenda L Williams said...

My little African American sistuh. Your site reminds me of a song by Carly Simon, "Your so Vain." Your hair is merely an anthropological outgrowth of your development as humans. You should probably spend more time on your spiritual growth than on you hair.

Luv Your Momma
Brenda Leigh

Piscean Princess said...

Dag mommy! Vain,'s true. Trust, my spiritual growth gets much more attention.