Thursday, March 22, 2007

eureka!! (I think)

I did my first official co-wash this morning with the Suave Tropical (not Toasted, Tropical!) Coconut Conditioner. And lemme tell ya...I could feel my hair growing softer by the second.

I really took my time & did what all the co-wash advocates have told me to do.

1. I gently and thoroughly massaged the Conditioner onto my scalp.

2. Then, in sections, I started gently rubbing it onto my hair, from root to tip.

3. I let it sit for a moment, massaged my scalp a bit more without manipulating my hair too much, then rinsed thoroughly.

I'm so serious, my hair hasn't felt like that in 6 and a half weeks since it's been cut!

So I'd say that went well.

And after that, I tried something a little different. I put the Shea Butter on while my hair was wet, before the Leave In. After squirting the Leave In Conditioner on, I did my usual & proceeded with my shower so that the humidity in the bathroom could activate the Glycerin. Then I put a little Coconut Oil on for sheen.

So far I'm pretty impressed with the results. We'll see what's happening at the end of the day.

(You can really see the color in this picture! Sometimes I forget that I got it dyed a little when I got the Big Chop, 'cause the color is so close to my natural color.)

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