Wednesday, March 21, 2007

still searching...

I think I'm closer to having a routine than I was last week, but I still don't feel entirely confident that I've "got it".

So here's what I've done since last week:

1. No-poo, but also no conditioner wash. I tried it with the Mizani MoistureFuse, but that conditioner is a bit too thick I think. I have since purchased 3 other conditioners...Tresseme something or other (for my leave in conditioner mix), Suave Green Apple (for a scented leave in conditioner) and Suave Toasted Coconut (for my no-poo/co-wash). I haven't used the Coconut yet, but I will sometime this week.

2. Baking Soda Clarifying Rinse (from MotownGirl)
1 tbsp baking soda
1 cup (or more) warm water

I wasn't certain what to expect from this, but here's what I got. My hair was the coily-est it has ever been. But I didn't do any type of conditioner afterwards, deep, hot oil or otherwise, so it was stiff & dry. It seemed pretty clean, though - no more funky product build up from what I could tell. But I think I need to do better with the conditioning.

3. Started back with the shea butter at night. As I've said before, that Carol's Daughter Hair Milk is working miracles on my crunchy, crackly nighttime hair...but my hair is drinking it like it's free (and it's not). I don't know how soon I'll be re-creating it - there's a lot of ingredients in there that I don't already have. So I have to come up with alternatives, preferably ones that include products that I already have...hence the shea butter - I've got tons of that. I don't know how much it's helping, but I'm pretty sure it's not hurting. We'll see.

4. Got flat twists in the front.

Yes, I was taking pictures while driving again. At the time, this always seems perfectly safe. Then when I see the picture & all the cars in the background, I wonder if I'm crazy for thinking this is normal behavior.

I had just shoved some food in my mouth, hence the goofy look on my face!

So, before bed I did a whole Shea Butter, Carol's Daughter Hair Milk thing and this is what was popping off in the morning. It's so hard to see the texture & moisture & curls in my hair - I gotta get a real camera and let this camera phone thing go. [sigh]

Next time I'll have her do my whole head, for sure. Wetting the back without disturbing the twists was easier than I thought it would be. I'm excited to see how long I can keep them in. And I'm glad that the front of my hair (and the back for that matter) is getting a break from the bra strap headband.

I thought it was a good idea to just have her do the front this time though, since I'm struggling with the routine. I think it would be counterproductive to stop playing around with moisture retention methods right when I'm learning what works & what doesn't.

Oh, did I mention last week that I had added some Extra Virgin Olive Oil to my Leave In Conditioner? I think it's helping. I have also put a little Coconut Oil on it for sheen for the last 2 or 3 days. That stuff is greasier than I would like, but it definitely adds sheen and sort of keeps me from having my hands in my hair all day - 'cause I hate to pull them back & they're all greasy. Yuck! It leads to non-stop hand washing.

I didn't do the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse because I realized that I don't have any Apple Cider Vinegar! I have white vinegar and I have Red Wine Vinegar, but no ACV! Which is why I ended up doing the baking soda thing instead. I will do that one again for sure, once I get a feel for what kind of conditioner my hair needs.

And of course, I have bought even more stuff & will be testing it all out as soon as it arrives. I swear I'm gonna stop buying stuff soon!

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