Friday, March 30, 2007

I AM the "Gerber Baby"

You ever see those Gerber (or Pampers) ads that have those absolutely adorable brown babies with the soft curly hair? I'm convinced that I am the 33 year old incarnation of those kids. My hair anyway...

The Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner co-wash every other day or so is doing big things for the curls...big things. Most importantly, they're soft (and clean...I guess that's pretty important too).

I have done my second Baking Soda Rinse also and I'm even more impressed with it. Not only does it tighten up my curls like Archie Bell & The Drells [love that song], it makes my hair and scalp feel tingly clean. Sorta like how I would feel after getting a I could feel the wind blowing in my scalp fresh & so clean.

The twists have been in for 10 days now and they still look pretty reasonable.

It's been a fun & convenient style, but I'm 'bout ready to take them down. My hair feels dirty up there in the front, even though I ran the Baking Soda Rinse through there. Plus I need to get my ends trimmed in the worst way, so I need to be taking them down. I think it has definitely provided a nice, needed respite from the bra strap headband, though.

As we all know, I'm in love with all things Glycerin. The Leave In Conditioner I got from Aldrea's site many weeks ago is still the best thing that ever happened to my African Cheetah hair. I have made a minor modification by adding the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and I need to make some adjustments to the proportions 'cause most days I have water/EVOO/glycerin dripping down my neck for the 2 hours after I get out of the shower. It's kinda gross, so I'm thinking I might need to reduce the amount of oil I'm using.

And I got a new product that I tried out this morning. (I know I said I wasn't buying anything else, but I just had to...I had to!) I bought some Silk Peptide Powder from From Nature With Love to make MotownGirl's Leave In Conditioner. Well, I made it this morning and used it for the first time, so we'll see what happens.

In the meantime, the sun is shining, I have a new springtime shirt, love is in the air and I AM THE GERBER BABY!!!

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