Monday, April 02, 2007

2 months later...

Today is my 2 month anniversary of The Big Chop!

I have settled into a bit of routine with my haircare & I'm learning more every day about what my hair does and does not like.

This weekend I took down the twists. I took a few pictures of the bootleg twist-out that followed...

I got right to the business of washing that front part and doing an extensive finger comb to detangle my hair. I probably need to do that more often. And I decided to stick with the "new" Leave In Conditioner for a few days, just to see how I feel about it. Here's the recipe that I got from MotownGirl's site:


1 cup thick, heavy conditioner
1/8 cup oil (I used mostly coconut, then a splash of olive)
1 tblsp Vegetable Glycerin
1 tblsp Silk Peptide Powder

The first adjustment that I needed to make with this is that I don't need tons of it. A very small handful is enough - it's so thick. I've used this every day so far and I like it. My hair is soft and my curls are curly. I think I'll stick with this one for a while. The one from Aldrea's site needs some tweaking.

My next project: find a deep conditioning product & routine. I'll keep you posted.


Damali said...

peekaboo, i found you!

and you look lovely :)

Tam said...

Safety first. At least you wear your seat belt while photographing.

Oh, and bra strap. That's a new one. I use my versatile nylon doo rag.

Piscean Princess said...

I had heard of the bra strap but hadn't found it in the stores. Then one of the girls I was in "The Trial" with gave me hers - she's locing so she didn't need it anymore. I hear they sell them at Claire's, though.