Friday, April 27, 2007!!

Who doesn't love an impromptu photo shoot on a day when you are looking good?

(I still want my twists, though.)


girlnextdoor said...

hey skinny look fantastic! hope this week is going well and that you don't need your sleeping bag at work. i'll see you next week!!!

SoBe said...

You look Faaabulous!!!!!!! How cute is that outfit, and I totally want those earrings!!!
Work it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damali said...

look at you!! absolutely gorgeous. who was taking the photos?

Piscean Princess said...

Yay me!

@ girlnextdoor - thanx girl. I have needed my sleeping bag at work for the last month or so, unfortunately. I think I've finally reached my breaking point. I almost cussed DR out the other day.

@ sobe - girl, I'm tryin' to tell gotta capture those super cute moments. like you last night when you found your hat that looks so good on you! I was waiting for an opportunity to wear those earrings & I almost didn't buy that dress. how happy am I that I said "fuck it" and just bought the damn thing!

@ damali - thank you, thank you. my new boyfriend was taking the pictures. he loves taking my picture just as much as I love to be photographed. and he inspires me to put on cute outfits AND mascara (heaven forbid!).

y'all are the best!

Damali said...

new boyfriend!!! nice. my ex was the same feels so good when someone enjoys taking your photograph. he made me feel so beautiful all the time.

Damali said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand. i finally started posting stuff about my trip last night. :)