Monday, May 21, 2007

holding on

Well, the twists have gone over very well so far. Lots of compliments on them; how nice of a job I did (considering it was my first time and all), how flattering the style is, etc. I'm not in love with them, but I'm very pleased. Once I take them out & see how the twist-out looks, I'll be able to decide if I need to use products next time.

I'm also hoping for a short break in my hectic schedule very soon 'cause I'd like to re-do those one's in the front & top. I need this style to last through the week. And another thing, does anybody know how I should go about washing my hair with these things in?

I've thought about co-washing with a stocking cap on, doing just a baking soda rinse, obtaining some Sea Breeze. I'm having a hard time finding somebody to tell me what has worked for them, instead of just guessing.

Well, enough of my blah, blah, blah. Here is how they looked Sunday. I sprayed them with a little water/glycerin mix (5:1).

Wrapped them in satin Sunday night, and with the exception of that last row in the Massa part, they all stayed pretty well in tact. I spritzed a little water on Monday morning and slapped on some Coconut oil for sheen...

(click the picture to get a bigger, better view)

(stupid, dumb, stupid massa!)

I am still trying to get a feel for how much glycerin will make the curls pop without giving me jheri curl forehead & neck. And I still need to make time to re-twist the front/top ones. They're so puffy.

I was super cute in my wrap dress on Tuesday, so naturally, there was a photo shoot...

By Thursday, though, I was a hot mess about the head. Talk about frizzy! Lawd ha' mercy...

So, I grabbed some Organic Root Stimulator Loc & Twist Gel and freshened them up a bit. First I was trying to take them apart & re-do them, but that got old REAL quick, so after that I just took the gel and smushed it around on the existing twists. I propmtly put on my scarf & went to bed. When I woke up, they looked a lot less frizzy. Still puffy, especially at the roots, but better.

Voila! 7 days later....still holding on...

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