Monday, May 28, 2007

over and out

I couldn't wait for a reply to my question in the last post (about how to wash my hair), so I put on a stocking cap & just went for it. It had been so long, and so many products that I don't normally use, I mixed up a 18:1 solution of Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castille Soap, instead of conditioner-washing it. (I wasn't sure how that would work thru the stocking cap anyway.)

The result was nothing special, lots of fly away hairs. Nothing I could salvage without some work. So, I took the twists out. This is the night I took them down. I took the pic, 'cause I had no idea what it was gonna look like after I had tied it down & slept on it all night.

Here's my very first, super cute twist out...

(This last picture is a really good one to click on. It's the best one to see the texture.)

Again, I had no idea what to do, so I just sprayed a little of Aldrea's L-IC into it, and fingered in a teensy, tiny bit of MotownGirl's L-IC, and sprayed on a little of my 5:1 water/glycerin mix. Then I shook it around a bit with my hand and let it do what it do. I think that went well, don't you?

I have to go to work tomorrow, so we'll see how it looks when I wake up. I may be taking Corporate America to a new level of nappy!


Damali said...

i'm trying to catch up on all your posts so this is a reply to everything :) (for some reason, i can't login to blogger from work anymore)

so congrats on the new camera..what kind is it?

you did an AMAZING job on your twists..i can't imagine how tired your fingers must have been afterwards.

i do have a word of advice tho...maybe it's a good idea to let go of this notion that frizzy is bad. embrace the frizz. no one's hair is meant to be perfectly neat every day, and honestly, i like the frizzy photos better. ESPECIALLY after you washed it. it gave your hair more character and freedom.

Damali said...

oh and tell yo man that i'm black and i watched Wonder Years! LOL

corene lavhan said...

the twist out is sooooo cute. i think this one of the hairstyles that will last for weeks...first the twist, them the twist out, then the the 'fro'. i love it...get it girl!!!

Piscean Princess said...

can't log in to blogger? HORRORS!!

the camera is a Nikon Coolpix L11. it's pretty snazzy, eh? for the low, low cost of $130 + tax.

my fingers were ok, actually 'cause I spread the twisting out over several hours. Started Friday night, started Saturday morning around 9, took several breaks and finished at 6pm. there was LOTS of down time.

you are not the 1st person to make the frizz isn't bad suggestion. i will attempt to embrace that notion in my typical baby-steps fashion.

and you are also not the 1st black person to negate my man's ridiculous assertion about The Wonder Years. that was one of the best shows on TV in the 1990's and he knows it. he was too busy being corny somewhere to know better.