Thursday, June 07, 2007

(not so) T. W. A.

I can see that my hair is growing! Can you?

(February 25th)


Not so teeny weeny any more, huh?

I'm liking the new headbands, but I've promised myself that I would seriously limit the amount of time that I am using them. I have finally acknowledged the thinning around my temples, so I know I should not stress that part of my hair any more than necessary.


Anonymous said...

Capt Bob Mugabe would like the pics!

Tam said...

I finally saw the "bra strap" head bands. They sell them at Target in the barrette aisle. I never noticed them before.

As of late I have taken to pressing my hair. I can honestly say I don't like doing it. Since I am interviewing I have to "sell out" :). That is, until they hire me full time. Then I can go back to my natural.

BTW my hair touches my shoulders. Don't tell me a Black girl's hair can't grow. She just has to keep the liquid Drano off heir scalp.

Piscean Princess said...

Hey tam!!!

I will look for the bra strap headband. I saw them online but they weren't in the hair accessory section. They were real live bra straps and they were in that crappy "nude" color.

Sorry you have to go there b/c of the interviews :-(
You'll have a fabulous job as an HR professional very soon & you can be the beacon of diversity & inclusion....

I'm trying to tell you, girl, growth is sooooo possible. I am so excited for yours - the shoulders, huh? That's hard core!