Sunday, June 17, 2007

got me twisted

a month later & I'm back at it!

this time, it took slightly less time than before and I (think) they're a little smaller. only time will tell...

[clearing throat, again]...alrighty then. now that we've worked through that

here's where I was at 4 hours

and at about 8 (yes, eight!) hours, I was really excited about the growth

I finally finished. Since it's Sunday, they will be wild & free for the day

I have since gone back & re-twisted 2 or 3 of the front one's because they were super-frizzy. On the re-twist, I used the ORS Loc & Twist Gel and it made a big difference - the hair is much more contained, so to speak. I'm sure I'll re-do that whole top section over the course of the next few days, 'cause I really am trying to keep these in more than a week this time.

I've been dabbing Sea Breeze on my scalp with a cotton square nightly because I have been working out every day. This weekend, I'll decide how I feel about the cleanliness of my hair and scalp and maybe I'll try to wash it. Maybe not. So far it feels pretty clean. The only other thing I've put on it so far has been my Water & Coconut Oil mixture. I spray a little of that on in the morning for moisture & sheen. And I'm sure that I will start with the Water & Glycerin mixture before long, to get some additional moisture going.

So that's what's happening. I'll keep you posted.



corenelavhan said...

hey girly!!! lookn good! it longer and the twist are smaller. wont you just be so happy when i can twist them!!!

Damali said...

wow your hair grows so fast!

Aseelah said...

Okay's looking REALLY GOOD, and growing like wild-fire! I absolutely LOVE the video segments. You and your man are Black love at its best to me and I find your back-and-forth commentary hilarious and real...."now hold up some more products"...LMAO! Keep it up, and GROW on girl!!!

Piscean Princess said...

Hey y'all!!!

I'm so glad somebody is co-signing w/ me about the growth.

I'm glad you think he is so f-ing funny, Seely, 'cause I wasn't the slightest bit amused by those antics. I'm over it now (can you tell...), but on that day.....

All I know is, it's a good thing I love my hair & don't need lots of affirmation. Thank God for self esteem!

Damali said...

i just watched the video...i was laughing so hard! y'all are too cute. and i know he was talkin' bout me!!!! cuz as soon as you mentioned what i said, he had to jump in be like "do you girl! you don't have to be like Damali!" LOL

ok lemme stop for I start a fight. :) y'all my new favorite couple.